The Gorgeous Golden

It’s quite obvious where Golden Retrievers get their name from; it’s that beautiful long, flowy coat of theirs. Whether it’s a light cream or a dark rust, Goldens come in all kinds of colors.

Believe it or not, the strain of the original Golden Retriever dates all the way back to the early 1800’s in Scotland. Today, there are three types of Goldens: British, American, and Canadian. British Golden Retrievers usually have rounder eyes, a broader head, and tend to be more muscular. Their coat is also generally on the lighter side of the golden spectrum. Canadian Golden Retrievers tend to be on the thinner side and usually stand taller than their American and British counterparts. They almost always have a darker coat. Lastly, the American Golden is thinner with less muscle. Their coats are often unpredictable but mostly lean towards the darker side. Unlike the other two types, they can sometimes have a sort of “ombre” effect with their fur (darker gold to a lighter gold). Continue reading “The Gorgeous Golden”